Book Talk: Is Anne of Green Gables Bi?

book talk

Hey bookworms! I am back! I won’t make the same excuses, and the only thing I will say is, I am trying to get my own laptop soon. Along with a laptop my brain and heart is missing school, and my brain can turn back on the analysis side of things, surprisingly. This year I’ve been reading and addicted to watching The Anne of Gables series companion-ed with Anne with an E on Netflix (seriously one of the most beautiful shows I’ve ever seen.)

Now I borrow the books via audio book from the Library with the Libby App, so any reference or citing will mostly be from my memory or from other articles. So bare with me, please bare with me, because it won’t be as good as a real paper or a true analysis and maybe I will redo it when I own all copies of these books. (*hint hit* to any friends or family reading this post… jk kinda XP) Anywho lets get to this post before I lose steam or the dog distracts me more as she tries to get me to feed her an hour before her dinner time (as dogs do not understand daylight savings time). By the way this will have spoilers of characters as well as quotes from books and show, but doesn’t really tell much besides careers and relationships.

bipride flag

So what kicked this off for me and turned into my OTP in the first two books was Anne and Diana. The vows they made to be “Bosom Friends”. They also are constantly complimenting each other. Now I know it is quite normal to compliment your friends, but out of their group of friends. She is way more affectionate with Diana, and it is reminiscent of how I felt with other girls around that age, not knowing myself that I liked girls at that time. I love how Anne is always free in her passion and doesn’t hold herself, her words, or her affection back. I know it is subtle, but in that time period most things in those kinds of feelings had to be kept low.

anne and dianaanne-with-an-e-image-3.jpg

What cements it for me is she also really loves Gilbert. Just because she’s had her feelings for girls, it in no way shape or form do I feel does it take away her affection for her childhood love. I highly feel she is a good example of breaking bi stereo types. Just because your partner is one gender and your attracted to both of them, it doesn’t take away your loyalty or devotion to someone.

Anne and Gilbert

In the current book I am reading, Anne’s House of Dreamswhen she first noticed Leslie, her sight of seeing her tending her geese, she claims that she was the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen. This doesn’t stop her from riding her joy of having married Gilbert and moving to a new city to help him pursue his doctoral dreams.  The way they support and understand each other and knowing they trust each other is the kind of relationship every one can hope for.

Long story short I am glad I found these books older that I can dig in and understand these characters in a way I couldn’t when I was younger. Although I do think the 1st book would’ve done great with me, I don’t think the next one would’ve clicked. The drive and ideas Anne has when she is older most of them echo back to me. I am so very glad I made friends with this red head.

So Bookworms what are you thoughts on Anne and her relationship and sexuality? Have you watched the Anne with an E? If so please tell me because I need to Fangirl over the setting and gorgeousness of the show! I can’t wait till the next season so chatting about it will curve my need. I will also link some other articles that agree with my theory below if you want to read a better formed arguments. Have a wonderful week, weekend, and happy reading!

Book Riot

Wikipedia: Bosom Friends Affair

Anne of Green Gables Is Obviously Bisexual



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