Movie Monday: Liking the Movie More Than the Book…

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Hey Bookworms! I am back, and look 2 posts in one month. Well that’s what happens when you’re home alone and have too much time to think. I also have been thinking about this topic for a while and wondered if any reader has thought the same?


Before I ramble too much, if you can guess this post is about liking the movie adaption better than the book. I have to admit for me there is more than one book/movie I feel this way about, but let’s talk about the one I watched today (2/12 because this post is being scheduled). I won’t lie liking the movie better makes me feel guilty because the author is one of my absolute favorites. So let’s get started on me trying to assemble my thoughts about each and trying to make this post coherent, but no promises.

Love, Rosie (The Movie)

Love Rosie Movie

This is now playing on Netflix in the States, and it being close to Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but want to watch the mushy stuff. I am not that good at summaries, so I will include the trailer below. The casting in the movie really meshed for me, and I do have a soft spot for movies about teen parents who make it work on their own (my mom was a teen mom and she was so strong) another example movie would be For Keeps? 

But anyway back to what I loved about what this movie in particular, is the timeline for the love matches went faster than it did in the book. I was loving the timeline in the book, until plot twist they waited even longer. It was frustrating as I went through this journey with them and wanted to shake them. It was really sweet getting to see Katie (the daughter) and Rosie’s relationship in the movie too. Overall I loved this movie more the second time watching it. Here is the Trailer for the ones that haven’t heard of this movie.

Love, Rosie (Where Rainbows End(Book)) By Cecelia Ahern

Love Rosie


Now I read this in apparently August of 2014 according to Goodreads and apparently I was planning to write a review originally… Oops.. *tries not to laugh embarrassingly* Good news is I plan to reread it through audio book via the Libby App, so I will try to take notes and write a review this time around. Now I felt guilty that I didn’t fall in love with this book like I have with so many of her others (which I may write a book talk about that as well).

From what I remember some of Rosie’s choices as well as Alex’s drove me insane. I guess that’s what kept me reading because if anything Ahern writes very human and flawed characters that most can relate to, but as I said up above the end dragged. I thought it could’ve been wrapped at 3/4’s honestly, where it ended… It felt like a Nicholas Sparks book who I am contrary to popular belief I’m not the biggest fan of because of all his books pretty much being the same and having all the same 5 plot points. Cecelia Ahern is one of my comfort authors though and I still liked it. 3 out of 5 stars.

Overall though the movie put things on track where I would’ve loved to see the book go which is why it was 4 out of 5 stars, which is more than I gave the book. There are a few other movies that I liked much more than the book, if you want me to do another posts, about this let me know. So bookworms, is my way of thinking Taboo, or does anyone else have an adaption they feel the same way about? Please let me know, if so I want to know I’m not alone. If you don’t agree tell me how taboo I am! I’ve wanted to have this conversation forever, so pretty please leave a comment below. I hope you have a good week, Happy Reading and Watching!


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