Movie Monday: Mirai (Spoiler Free)

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Hey Bookworms and Movie Lovers! I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I wanted to post before the thoughts leave my head. Especially because this was a movie I waited for what feels like a long while to see. I did have a lot of thoughts when I was watching, and I know I should’ve taken notes, but it was late, so let’s see how my thoughts are this morning. So let’s get started before I lose every thought!


Movie Title: Mirai

Film Company: GKIDS

Rated: PG

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama

Director: Mamoru Hosoda

Starring: Jon Cho, Rebecca Hall, Daniel Dae Kim

Format Watched in: Streaming (Rented from Amazon Prime)

Runtime: 98 minutes

My Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars

Opening Thoughts:

So this was another movie I was dying to see, but due to my work schedule, I wasn’t able to see it because it was only playing on my work days. As a responsible adult with not enough PTO it seemed silly to request the day off for a movie, and to find someone to go with me.

Anywho off topic, I was majorly excited because it another gem by Mamoru Hosoda one of my favorite anime directors. I have another review from another one of his films, The Boy and the Beast This one though the trailer was a bit more vague, I knew it was about a sibling relationship, but not much more that, so I was mostly going in blind.  All I knew it was by an amazing storyteller and director, and had gorgeous animation.

What I Loved

I adored the dynamic and set up of the family and the home set up. I feel it gave me a peak of a modern family and home. A support in the way that the world is changing to be. I also loved the seamless-ness of how each scene cut to them and the themes each flawlessly flowed into it. Also the small details of the animation, from the photos in the movie that were older with the sepia tones and the graininess. I have noticed lately when watching things I have been more appreciative of the artistry that goes into a film or a show.

I loved how it disclosed the struggles and acceptances of each character. They were perfectly flawed and you could understand the characters actions and reactions in such a way that you could feel in their shoes.

What I Struggled With

I was under the assumptions from the preview that it was Mirai (from the future) physically saving her brother, Kun, from something. I was expecting more adventure from this movie like more of his other films. I also was wasn’t expecting Kun to be so young. He is only 4 years old and as someone who doesn’t want (of my own) or deal with kids that aren’t related to her. His meltdowns were a little intense, but as mentioned above the way he was created you could understand why, he reacted the way he does. I wanted to get to know the parents relationship a little more and not feel like their relationship only revolved around the kids.

Closing Thoughts

I am disappointed that I wasn’t in love with this movie like I was his other ones. I would recommend this to any anime lover with a family or little ones. I don’t think children the age of the characters would get the complexities of this movie, but may be helpful if they are going to be an older sibling. I am glad that I watched it to see that this director has deeper layers. This isn’t saying this movie was a flop, just that the story wasn’t for me and I should’ve maybe done more research on the plot and summary of the movie.

I will leave the trailer below for you guys to enjoy. I did try to be as possible. Have you guys see this movie yet? What were your thoughts? Do you want to, and if so was this review helpful. Let me know in the comments below and Happy Reading and Watching!



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