Book Talk: Reading Books We Hate

book talk

Hey bookworms! I have finished a few books this week, and not all of them were ones I loved, and part of me wanted to DNF them. So, why didn’t I? Good question, in our reading community, we all often say, “Life is too short, to read books, we don’t like.” And trust me part of me gets that mindset, but the other part of me puts up a good counterpoint. Before I get too far into this introduction and just end up telling you my whole point, let’s get started.

Book Talk: To Read or Not to Read Books We Hate

Now don’t get me wrong I get the mantra, we all try to live by, and I get we all have different tastes, temperaments, ways we enjoy reading. So obviously each book will rarely fit every reader.

That being said, when growing up, I am sure not all of us loved the assigned reading we were given, and we had to read those. School is most often where we learned how to hate, love, or feel indifferent about characters or themes. We also learned hopefully at least to verbalize why we feel that way, to see facets of our own lives in or so far from it.

Another reason why I am not quick to put down books I hate is because in the past few years I have been using the library. Often times these books that get to me in a bad way are books I’ve waited weeks, or even months for.

There are a few I can tell in the first few pages or sentences it’s not for me, at that time, I can easily return it to the next person waiting for it. Other times, if I have pushed through those pages and sentences, I force myself to make the wait worth it, to get my brain moving and working. Trying to question what is wrong with me for hating it, or even what kind of person would write a thing like this? Working a 9 hour job these books along with ones I am enjoying are often the only thing in my day challenging me.

It is with these books we hate, we learn to appreciate books we love. Books we find comfort in.In reading books we hate if we are good readers and can look at the part, we don’t like, we can see what others like, whether it’s the prose, or tone of the book. And often times, when we HATE something, it is something that makes us feel strongly, and even sometimes makes us brave enough to speak what it makes us feel.

I am equally between the mind of don’t read things you hate, to push yourself because you never know what you will find out about yourself, the book, or even your fellow readers. It may give you something to stand and give you something to be passionate about? I am not trying to force you through reading something that churns your stomach, or triggers you, but what is would it hurt to go back to that mindset we had when learning? Do you have a different point of view? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Reading!

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