30 Day Reading Challenge Days 15&16: It’s Like Choosing a Favorite Friend

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! Sorry I’ve been gone for a few days, but I’ve been having technical issues and pain issues too. Basically me and my computer are falling apart at the same time… Me because of the monsoon season weather and my scars and knee like to act up when it’s about to rain. My computer is just old… But you probably want to hear about books right? I’ll get started on the happier subject. Which days 15&16 were the hardest decisions of my life! It felt like choosing between friends and let’s face it we all know that is wrong! This is a challenge after all which means I have to answer it… The struggle was real guys!

Day 15: Favorite Male Character

So many of these males were part of my developing as a teen and as a person in general. These characters have helped me see that not all problems are solved with harsh words or force. That some males even if rare can see a girl. Not for who she is physically, but on the inside. Some can stay true and loyal friends. Now who am I choosing. I thought long and hard before I finally picked the one who first stole my heart in my teen years:

Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy and The Bloodline Series


Let’s face it he was my first book book boyfriend. I let him go when it came to the Bloodlines series according to my general rule with book boyfriends but that is a different story. In both of these stories Adrian has problems and he has serious flaws. He is/was someone I could hope to find in real life. Someone who given the support can conquer his support and all his vices. He is tall, artistic, sarcastic, a bit crazy, and has this lazy cockiness that makes it something worth getting past. He isn’t the best fighter but will use his abilities to helped his loved ones. Lets face it he is not sane all the time, but neither am I. Mead has a way of painting characters that all be it sexy are people you can find in real life unlike most YA male leads. For the longest time I knew these characters could not exist, but with Adrian I knew there was a chance to find someone like him. Okay and trust me I am revisiting the VA books over the summer to compare his growth in the two series. Plus I want to meet him again for the first time!

Day 16: Favorite Female Character

This was so hard because I am trying not to be repetitive and name the same characters over and over again. I think I have changed my mind at least 5 times, but I am just going to say the one that is popping into my head right at this very moment and go with it!

Bridget Vreeland from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Honestly this series was one of the contemporary books I adored when I was younger. Waiting for the release of the 3rd and 4th after I read the first two. Wanting to know what happened to these girls. Hoping they had advice for me when I faced their challenges. Honestly I relate to each of these girls in a lot of ways. I see parts of myself in each of them, and maybe it’s what I’m facing now that makes me think of Bridget.

She is a lot of time the energy in the group. The sunshine and strength. The one who sees what she wants and goes for it full speed ahead, but then when facing something hard she closes it out and avoids it for as long as she can until she can’t. It hits her and drags her down. Her free spirit ambles in direction in denial because she has lost control. That is how I feel right now dragged down with no self control, but through her sisters and her goals she always finds herself once again. She is flawed and broken. Shiny on the surface, but someone that needs help underneath. I understand this and get how it’s hard to want to reach for help, but she does it and so have I. She will be my role model through this time. She made it through I can too.

Well that is all for now bookworms! Again sorry for being MIA but life happens I guess. I hope you can forgive me! Would you have been able to make these choices, and if so who would you have picked? Who were your favorite characters in the books I mentioned? Maybe you can help add more to my library TBR. I do adore talking about books! Let me know in the comments below. Happy reading!

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30 Day Reading Challenge Days 13&14: Because Two is Better than One

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms! Sorry I was missing yesterday, but my computer has been a bit of hassle. It is time to get a new one soon. I just wish I had the money to get one. Any who to make it up to you I will combine days 13 and 14 because they go together and then I will schedule 15 for tonight, so I won’t be too late! So let’s get to it! The links will lead to Author profiles and Goodreads pages for the books!

Day 13: Favorite Author(s)

Okay guys yes I am totally gonna cheat with this answer with 2 authors, and if you have been on my blog for a while you probably already know who I am going to say… You wouldn’t want me to lie to you guys would you? My goal is to be as honest on here as I can be after all. This is my outlet to be me. So my way of choosing and being positive of these two lovely Rock Stars (because that is what authors are to me) is having loved 3 or more of their books with a rating of 4 stars or higher. So with that *drumroll* My choices are:

1. Kelley Armstrong


Her world building I just bow to it. I try to learn something from this wonderful author each time I pick up her books. Her characters are always very strong and are easy to build attachments too. Some even swoon worthy *coughs* Nick and Clay. Not only that, but her books always take me somewhere new. Her characters are always my comfort and who I draw strength from. I feel feels with her characters, but when I am in a good mood and place I always root for them. Her books are always ones I recommend to people when I don’t know what to recommend.

2. Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern

With Cecelia Ahern she was my first step into something that wasn’t YA! Granted, I had watched the movie before reading the book, but seeing the differences made me love both all the more. She was also the first author that introduced magical realism to me and made me understand it! Which is more than my professor than have done. Her characters are real and relate-able. She makes you form bonds and care for them even after the book is over. I still wonder how Holly is and if she found love again. I wonder if Luke made a new best friend and if him and Elizabeth do more things to bond. I deeply care for each of these characters and it is because of the work she puts into them. She is my number one go to with Chick Lit which I rarely read, but hers are a comfort!

 Day 15: Favorite Books by My Favorite Author

1. Bitten by Kelley Armstrong


I’ve raved about this series a lot, but it is a great first book to get you invested into a series. It also leads you into the character who ties most of these book together. Plus very yummy male characters to drool over. Then there is the wolf factor. This is my favorite so far, but it could change when I get further into the series… I can’t wait to have all the books!

2. PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

PS I love You

My first Ahern book and I think my first trip to Ireland! Well… Through reading that is. This book has you invest in every character. You live through each memory and feel each emotion with Holly. If you love the movie the book will show you the one scene they really needed to put in!

3. If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

If You Could See Me Now

Honestly I wish I owned this book because it was adorable! It was beautiful and definitely strengthened my belief in love. It reminded you that you need to let go and be a kid! It is okay to see the world new and different. I just cannot explain well enough how good this story is. Just go pick it up you won’t regret it I promise!

Well Bookworms that is it for now! Yes I cheated in this post, but it is worth it to turn people onto these authors and books. These are the things that shape us and bond us after all. Hope you enjoyed this post and I’m sorry it’s a bit late. Who is your favorite author? What is your guidelines for having a favorite? Have you read anything by these authors? Let me know down below!

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30 Day Book Challenge Day 12: Sorry… We Can Still Be Friends.. (Mini Retrospection)

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms! Happy 4th of July for my US readers! It’s day 12! Wow I have been doing for a while and then yesterday I realized I’ve been actively blogging for 9 months! Wow time flies! Any who today’s post was another difficult choice because I don’t tend to hate books I’ve originally loved… So… I kind of tweaked my view of the question… Just because I don’t love the book anymore doesn’t mean I have to hate it… Hope that makes sense, but let’s get started.

Day 12: A Book I Used to Love, But Don’t Anymore

Evermore by Alyson Noel


Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Date Published: February 3, 2009

Formats: Paperback, Audiobook

Rating Before: 5 out of 5 stars

Rating After: 4 out of 5 stars

I listened to the audiobook recently as a reread and a craving buy on my Nook audio app. It was only $8 and my physical copy wasn’t with me at the moment. The reader also really fit Ever’s tone when I listened to the sample and I happily paid for it. So listening to this book, it reminded me of everything I loved and believe in now when it comes to love. There are just some people you are meant to meet in your life no matter what. No matter how many lives it takes. That being said their were some behavioral issues of Ever and her friends that got on my nerves a bit now that I am no longer a teenager. Damen needed to grow up a bit too even for his age. I still really like this book and I want to reread the series over the course of the rest of the year, but I am not in love with it any more. Like said in the title I still want to be friends with this book. I still want it to comfort me on bad days, I still want it to remind me that there is more in life, that there is a thing such as fate when it comes to meeting people, and it gives me my adoration for red tulips. I would love red tulips over red roses any day.So for those of you who throw this book down for the “insta-love” get to the second book before you call it that please for me?

Any who that is all for now bookworms! Hope you enjoyed this post and have a fun and safe 4th of July! Let me know your thoughts on books you loved as a teen? Which book do you know find a characters behavior annoying in? Did I change your mind on not wanting to read this book? Let me know in the comments. Happy Reading!


30 Day Challenge Day 11/ Retrospection: A Book I Would NOT Recommend

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! It’s Friday! Wooo! I hope your weekend is filled with books! Before I get started on this post I am going to be honest and say I’ve been dreading this post. I knew the day I saw this which book was going to be for day 11. That being said facing this book will not be easy to face. I will only be focusing on one main character for this post and will explain why below. This post will also be a review and will contain spoilers, but I do feel the need to explain why it upset me so much. With all that being said. Let’s get started!

Day 11: A Book I Hate

Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern

Say What You Will

Publisher: Harper Teen

Publishing Date: June 3rd 2014

Format: E-Book

Rating: 1.5 Stars out of 5

First Thoughts

Okay confession time! I was pulled into reading and buying this book by the hype. After this book I learned my lesson to wait till the hype dies. I had been watching reviews and people were saying Amy had a different disabilities throughout reviews. Finally I heard some one mention that she had Cerebral Palsy which is my disability. So when I found out I immediately went to her page to see why she wrote the book. She wrote it because her friend has a young daughter with CP and that was her reasoning, but what shoved me into really reading this is a Tweet on her stream that this book gave them the insight into someone with CP. I was seeing red after that and had to do it to in order to see if she really did or if i would need to write a review to help kill the ignorance stated above. It is not the readers fault for not knowing, just like prior classmates I’ve had in college. People just need a proper explanation when it comes to medical differences.

What I Felt Was Wrong 

Before I start this section let me just say I am speaking for myself as a person with CP and not for every one who has my disability. Now that is said I think this will be easiest for me to type in a list so I try to explain better and hopefully not sound too ranty.

1. There is No Disclaimer: In the beginning of the book I feel it should say this character is only representing one type of Cerebral Palsy because there are MANY types, severities, and degrees of CP

2. No Definition: There is no definition of what CP is not even the basic: Damage to the brain before, during, or after birth. Amy does explain the hemiplegia means that it only effects half of her body, but she does not even bother further explaining what it effects and how. The reporter also assumed Hemiplegia meant Amy was dying therefore confusing her Disability with an Illness. Illnesses can be cured and disabilities cannot. There is no getting rid of it there is ways to improve ones strength, balance, flexibility, etc. There will always be a residual effect no matter how strong one gets. It is our brains that cannot be fixed.

3. No Social Outlet: I cannot believe that Amy wouldn’t have ANY social outlet besides school, there is an online world, and even therapy and groups

4. The Buddy Program: I know Amy starts this to be social, but I have a hard time believing that other kids haven’t offered to help her before if not to be nice, but for selfish reasons as well. I mean they would probably get out of class a bit early.

5. Bullying: Amy is a smart character very smart in fact, so I cannot believe she did not realize she was bullied and used when she was

6. Self-Awareness: As Teenagers we are very aware of our bodies and it bothered me that she only seemed to notice her body in private and not public

7. Unrealistic Teenage Behavior: Amy lets her mom take over most of the time. I know what it is like to have a protective mom, but even I had my moody angry moments with her. Teenagers especially females if honest can be prone to having fits (or at least I did) especially if not listened to. I know Amy can’t really be too vocal but hit keys until you get her attention. Also letting her mom take over her education: Amy is painted as strong and an “inspiration” through most of this book, but for me going to school when you have a disability is normal. It is a part of life to choose to continue school, or go to work.

8. Sex: Amy’s maturity level and thought process about sex really bothered me. For me personally I always knew I wanted it to be with my first love. I mean sure I had moments of I want to get it over with and I was curious, but the way Amy just did it and didn’t think about factors of protection especially with her disability pissed me off

9. Self-Definition: I feel that Amy let her CP define her through most of the book until the end. She never really stopped to say it was a PART of her and not ALL of her. As with any difficulty you face in life it is a part of you it doesn’t take away from you as a person

What Went Well

Not much went well and it brought up a bunch of issues for me and was very triggering. I literally had points where I had to put the book down because it brought me back to a time in my life I didn’t like and would make me sob.

1. Self-Awareness: The moments in the mirror. Every girl has those moments but it shows you what she thinks is different

2. Her outlets: Her books although she can’t be too physical it reminds you that books can help you do anything

3. Description of Symptoms: There were some Symptoms that Amy faced with her CP that were described well

4. Overprotective Mother:  That I think most kids can relate too, but is a key part in the story.

Final Thoughts

IF you are looking for a book that deals with CP, disabilities, or mental health issues, I don’t think this is a good one to pick up. Please don’t think I mean to lessen your opinion of this book, but I did want to point out some of it that I felt where it was wrong to teach these things especially to readers who do not know about Cerebral Palsy. It can create assumptions that later become hurtful not only to the reader, but maybe someone else they end up meeting. No I did not write this to be an inspiration, so please do not think that. I just needed to face this book. I hope I reach someone to correct the mistake. I want not to change the view on my disability, but just kill some ignorance that is not people’s fault after all knowledge is power. I also want to say I am not upset with the author and mean nothing bad towards her. This is my first negative review I just want readers to know there is another side to CP.

Well that is all for today Bookworms this post took a lot out of me. Happy reading and I hope you have an awesome weekend!


30 Day Challenge Day 10: A Classic that Makes Me Want to Read It Again

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms! It’s day 10! Yay I got through 10 day with 20 more to go! Honestly these posts are getting harder, but they are keeping me busy. So let’s get started.

Day 10: Favorite Classic

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

The Importance of Being Earnest

Honestly this was my favorite ever required read! This book was laugh out loud humor. It was very slapstick and fun! I liked each character! It made me want to read more Oscar Wilde! Which I haven’t yet, but I plan to when I get the money! I also want to learn more about him. This is definitely the kind of play you pick up when you’re having a bad day. The main theme I love is: That people of any status or age are willing to make a fool of themselves for love. Not even the smartest people can avoid love. If you truly love someone you don’t mind being ridiculous for them just to prove it! What can i say I’m just a romantic at time. It also got turned into a movie! I will leave the trailer below, but I would adore seeing it in original play format! Maybe one day?

Well anywho Bookworms that is all I have to say for today! I hope I persuaded you to pick up this book by choice. You will enjoy it much more the second time if it is assigned. Happy reading!


30 Day Challenge Day 9: Following my Own Opinion

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms! I thought I would get Day 9 up a bit earlier to make up for the last 2 days of late posts. Anywho today’s post is another one that made me think because the only time I pick up books I wouldn’t normally is for school. That being said I had to remember the classes I’ve taken and the books I’ve read. After thinking quite a bit I finally remembered one I really liked!

Day 9: A Book I Didn’t Expect to Like

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Scarlet Letter

I read this in my American Lit class and it was one of my most dreaded classes because American Literature bores me! It wasn’t until I decided to write an essay on this book. I found a liking for it. I love doing close readings and finding symbolism of books. The symbolism of the color red and how even in the time this book was written it acknowledges how aware children truly are. Pearl is aware of what she is to her mother a reminder of her sin and often does things that could be considered as acting out to get attention. I know most find this book boring, but the English major in me loves looking at books in different ways and finding unexpected symbolism. Sometimes when you shut-out the popular opinion and look at a book on your own it can surprise you! Now I didn’t LOVE this book, but I did really like it!

Well I’m done for this post bookworms! Have you had a book on a syllabus you dreaded, but ended up liking? Let me know down below! Happy Reading!


30 Day Challenge Day 8: Going Against the Crowd

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms! I hope you’re not too upset with me that this post is technically a day late. I had a really fun Tuesday though and I needed a day like that! So I really have no regrets about posting this a day late, plus I was caught between two books to choose for today. I honestly made my decision like an hour ago! So with that let’s get started!

Day 8: An Overrated Book

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Looking for Alaska

So before I start this talk I am just going to say spoilers ahead if you haven’t read this and plan to. K this is your warning… Are you clicking away yet? 3…. 2…. 1…. K if you’re not gone by now I am starting. Honestly there is not much to spoil if you know how to look. First of all the title is a dead give away for what this book is going to be about not to mention the cover. The first 10 page and essentially once you know the school has drinking teens. You automatically know what is going to happen to this group of teens. I know it is possible for guys to fall for one specific girl because I knew 2 girls like that in high school, but the clues and hints in this book were just TOO obvious. I know a lot of readers found it profound and I get the themes can be, but the hints were just too distracting for me to focus on the themes. I like to have to think and wonder at least a bit about what is going to happen in a story line and especially to characters!

Now don’t get me wrong I am not hating on John Green. I do love John Green as a human and I watch his videos on youtube and his advise is helpful. He is a wonderful activist and person, but besides from Fault in Our Stars a lot of his characters follow the same trope. I still have Paper Towns to read, but his style isn’t my favorite, but I still will continue to support him as a person by watching his videos. I definitely learn a bit from each of the Green brothers. Now I hope none of you stop following be for not agreeing, but that is how I feel about this book. I can separate the author from his work when it comes to liking him! Well that’s all for now bookworms! I am gonna get to working and scheduling more posts! Happy Reading!

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30 Day Challenge Day 7: A Hidden Gem

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! I know this post is up late, but I had a busy day of being lazy? I was able to watch 4 episodes of Game of Thrones Season 5 and well let’s just say I got sucked in. I am starting this post at 11:30 PM, so for me it still counts. The second reason I am posting this so late is because I wanted to finish the book I was putting in today’s answer so let’s get started!

Day 7: An Underrated Book

Pandemonium by Chris Wooding and Cassandra Diaz


This book is my favorite book of the month and a 5 out of 5 stars! This was a gift from Paige at The Paige-Turner and was a book neither of us had heard of it before, but it was amazing! It was laugh out loud funny and the art style was so good. The expression and personalities of the characters shown through with their body language. I already want the second book, but can’t find it! It’s under Middle Grade on Goodreads but I would place it as YA. It is good for any age though! I want to know what happens next to these characters! It has a bit of mystery and I need to know!

I don’t know if book two is out, but if more reader’s read it will come out of hiding! That is my strategy. Again sorry for the last post. I promise I will post earlier tomorrow! That’s all for now Bookworms! Do you have any underrated graphic novels I need to know about? Let me know in the comments or if you’ve read this! I need to talk about it! I know it’s Midnight, but this post was started on day 7 it counts. Happy Reading!

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30 Day Challenge Day 6: The Book that Made Me Feel the Feels

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms! How does weekend go by so fast? I’m sad to say that I am not having the best day. Turned my phone on air plane mode and just gonna curl up under my covers and read after I post. So maybe it will help writing about a book that makes me sad.

 Day 6: A Book that Makes me Sad

Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer


Now this question was hard for me to answer because I don’t usually pick books that make me sad especially with how I feel now. If a book does make me sad it is not the entire books, but parts of it. Like the end or a part in the middle. For me books are an escape from the sad or hard parts in my life. They have been my shelter for as long as I can remember. My rocks my silent, yet rowdy friends. My home when I couldn’t find a place in my own home. Now that being said I am not usually one to cry the first time in movies, but books are different. I will sob when reading a book. With a movie I take time to asses the setting and effects, the acting and storyline, and my 3rd time around in a movie that’s when it hits me. A book I am the one using what the author has given me and creating it for myself. It is more real to me. Now I am giving you the book that made me cry, but not the part or the reason. For one it is the third book in this series and I don’t want to spoil anyone. I do get really attached to characters though that is the only hint I am giving! You will get more out of me with the next book I promise!

Well that is all bookworms! What book made you feel the feels? Do you like books that make you feel sad? Do you look for sad stories or do you like it better when they surprise you? Let me know your opinion on feeling the feels. I am really curious! Happy reading!

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30 Day Reading Challenge Day 5: The Book That is My Happy Thought

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms! It’s day 5 and the weekend! This was another one I’ve struggled to come up with an answer, but thanks to some booktube inspiration helped me realize an answer and a push from a blogger friend to write it: Judith from BookDr3ams! For this book I am going to leave the link of where to buy it. So before I talk about the answer I will link the haul by the awesome booktuber that helped me: Riley Marie

Day 5: A Book that Makes Me Happy

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan Harper edition

This book is by far my favorite classic. I’m going to admit right off the bat I didn’t read this book as a child, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it none the less. It is a whimsical and beautiful book that I recommend at any age. So many quotes from this book has gotten me through some rough stuff. I am a total Peter Pan fanatic I love any movie or book adaption and want to read or watch any of them! They are a comfort and a happiness plus a thing of beauty with each adaption. Neverland has been my escape in some of my favorite dreams and I hope to get my hands on this edition soon! It is about finding comfort in childhood to me, but also within that finding the strength to face adulthood no matter how scary. It reminds you of fun, but it is okay to face responsibility too. Although it’s not something we always want to do, we are brave enough to do so. Even in childhood we have responsibility and Peter faces those as well. This book always reminds me to keep facing my dreams. I am going to leave a leave a video to one of my favorite songs inspired by this book as well.

Well that is all for now Bookworms! If you guys know any adaptions I should read let me know please! I hope you enjoyed my day 5 and enjoy the rest of your Saturday happy reading!

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