Belated Top 5 Wednesday: My Fandoms!

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Liebster Award: 2x


Hey Bookworms! I am happy, grateful, and excited to say I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Sherlockianbooklover and BookBuni! She gave good questions, so I’m hoping I am able to give you all good answers! So first I will give you the rules before I get started!

Here’s how it works:

Answer the eleven questions that were asked by the blogger(s) who nominated you

Nominate 11 bloggers (if you can) that have less than 200 followers

Leave them a comment in one of their posts stating that they have been nominated

Ask them 11 questions

Then the cycle goes on again

The Questions

1.What is your Hogwarts house?


My Hogwarts house at least the one I was placed in was Hufflepuff although personally I think I’d fit better into Ravenclaw. Although I am not the best at every subject, the ones I am interested in I excel at or at least work my butt off to!

  1. Who is your auto-buy author?

My number one and really my only auto-buy author is Kelley Armstrong! I love her books and want them all. I need to finish buying the Women of the Otherworld series as well as buy The Darkest Powers Trilogy. Her world building and characters are amazing. I try to learn about writing from each one I read. I also want to get the collections she’s apart of too. I seriously do adore her! I have a hard time reading an author’s other series because I get, so attached to the first series I read that I get scared that the next won’t live up to expectations. That or I can’t get over the feels!

  1. If you had to sell your books, in order to buy food and clothes etc, which one would be hardest to say goodbye to?

Honestly is it horrible to say I’d rather starve? If it was life or death though it would be any of my signed copies from authors. They mean a lot to me because they are my role models and my rock stars!

  1. Dogs or cats?

Honestly I pick both. I know that’s cheating a bit. I have always been a huge animal person my voice changes octaves when seeing either, but right now I really miss having a kitty. Right now I currently only have our blonde chihuahua Sophie who I named after my favorite book character in Howl’s Moving Castle by

  1. Which Bennett sister (Pride and Prejudice) would you say you were most like?

I am a mix between Jane and Lizzie I can be quiet and gentle but I also am well read and can possess a sharp tongue.

  1. Doctor Who or Sherlock?


Tenth Doctor rose_tyler_transparent_by_thatssosketchy-d6gbnn3

Doctor Who all the way my favorite Doctor is 10 and Rose is my favorite companion!

  1. What is your most anticipated read for May?
    (Changed the month since I haven’t been able to finish this post until now)

The Heir by Kiera Cass

The Heir

  1. What’s your favourite colour?

Purple if you can’t tell from my blog and banner, and second place goes to red whether it’s dying my hair that color or wearing it.

  1. Do you have any fears?

If this means phobias because fear is really general: I have a phobia of needles, surgery (so you won’t catch me watching any medical show except Red Band Society I closed my eyes because it was cute), natural disasters, and sometimes heights it’s more the falling aspect than the height itself

  1. What would you title your debut novel and what would it be about?

Her Unwritten Story although this is a working title it would be about the rebirth of my wolf characters not gonna go further than saying: shifters, experiments, shadow wolves, and reincarnation working on it now.

  1. If you learn another language, real or fictional, what would it be?

French for sure, and I would want to learn to speak to animals

Questions From BookBuni!

  1. Do you prefer hardcovers, paperbacks, or e-books? And which is your least favorite?

I prefer E-Books because they are easy to carry on my nook since I’m not suppose to carry a lot of weight. My least favorite is paper back because my hands wear at them the easiest.

2.If you could live one day in the life of a fictional character, who would you chose?

Serena Van Der WoodsenElena Michaels

Serena Van Der Woodsen if I chose a contemporary book or Elena Michaels if I wanted to able to shift and then I get the oh so yummy Clay Danvers. This is funny because I want more brunettes in stories, but these two have lives I could picture myself enjoying living. (Sorry if that sentence was grammatically wrong)

3.What book/series would you like to see be turned into a movie or television series?

The Night Circus I would adore to see it as a movie the cinematography would be amazing, and I want to see my favorite characters brought to life.

4.Would you rather travel into the future or the past?

It would depend if I would be physically I would be able bodied I would choose the 20’s if not I would choose the future to help in some way

5. Do you have a favorite genre of books? If so, which genre?

Paranormal is my favorite by far hands down

6.What is your favorite TV show?

Currently Playing:  Once_Upon_aTime_promo_image


Bitten logo

No longer on Air: boy-meets-world-photo


  South of Nowhere

7. What “trend” in books is your least favorite/do you find most annoying? For example, love triangles, dystopian societies, vampires, etc.?

The overly pure virgin: Just because girls are virgins doesn’t mean they can’t be on birth control or are unaware of how it feels to be awakened, or they’re not curious about sex

8. What are your top 5 books?

Just going to include covers because I have spoken of them a lot lately:

1.Night Circus


3. One Day

4. Revolution

5.The Host

Hard choices to make between the ones I’ve listed, but have done I have read most recently although 4 is the exception, but I plan to reread it as soon as school is out

9.You obviously love books. Do you want to be a writer?

Yes books have always provided comfort for me and an escape when life hasn’t been easy since the age of 6 I’ve wanted to do the same for others

10. What are the 3 types of characters you need in a book for it to be entertaining to you?

1. Sarcastic artist

2. A good best friend

3. A strong female character I don’t like a girl that can defend herself

11.What is the saddest book you’ve ever read?

Hmm I tend to avoid sad topics and haven’t cried in a while but I would consider this one cathartic feeling the same as the character can make it sad:

The Probability of Miracles

My Questions:

1. What book genre would you like to check into that you normally never read?

2. What book character would you like to hang out with if you were having a bad day?

3. What classic would you like to read or if you don’t know any which classic author would you like to read?

4. What book do you think young reader should read to bring forth a hunger to devour books?

5. Which animal do you think would be your daemon (see the golden compass book or movie summary if you have never read the book)

6. For the people who wish to be authors: If you could be apprenticed by your favorite author who would it be and why (which skill could they help you learn)? For book lovers in general: Which of your favorite authors would you love to spend the day with and what would you plan on doing?

7. What book do you like, but seems to get not the best reviews either in the blogging world or good reads?

8. Which book has inspired you to go or want to go to a different place/ or country and why?

9. Who is your celebrity crush?

10. Book genre you crave lately?

11. What is your tip to beat a reading slump?

My Nominees:

(And sorry if you’ve already been tagged haven’t been keeping track of these very well. Hope you like my questions, and if you’ve already you already been nominated feel free to try my questions for fun. I’m just curious and don’t forget to tag me to feed my curiosity for your answers)

1. Reckless Indulgence of the Written Word

2. The Paige-Turner

3. Creatyvebooks

4. By Hook or By Book

5. The Darling Reads

6. Fairen Reads


8. A Bookie and Foodie

9. AbOOKishOwl

10.Ali’s Books

11.A Fangirl’s Opinion

There it is bookworms hope you enjoyed my answers and the few pictures I posted. Do you share some of my favorites? Comment down below what you thought please. I will have a book discussion soon on my suggestion to cure a reading slump! Have a good night bookworms! =)



Life Update: Doctor Who Project for My Women’s Traveler’s Class


Hey Bookworms! I was bored and the last few days have not been easy to say the least, so I thought I would talk to you all! I am currently sitting in bed working on a project for my Women’s Traveler’s Lit class that is due tomorrow! Ugh right! I am not slacking I promise! I’ve had this idea for weeks and I’m just putting it into prezi format. Which is the first time I’ve used it… So this project has no guidelines, so if I didn’t have a friend take her class before I would’ve been in trouble. Don’t get me wrong I looove freedom to be creative, but I also like some form of expectation. Any who this idea for my final project came to me after we read the novel, Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, and although this book wasn’t my cup of tea (honestly was hard to get through the first 100 pages), it inspired me to do a project on my favorite travelers! Now who are they?

They are the companions from Doctor Who! Now I cannot cover all of them (or I’d probably take up the whole two hours and 45 mins), so I chose two.

Rose Tyler


Donna Noble

Donna Noble

So my project is going to be what makes these girls more than just companions and places they travel to. School is nearing it’s end. Well at least this semester, and then Fall will be my last semester and I will be graduated from University with a BA in English and a concentration in Creative Writing. So I feel I can relate to these two characters. They both seem a little lost in their life and after they travel it is what brings them to life. I wish The Doctor could come save me, or at least take a note from me and give it to me six months ago. Life has taken it’s toll and honestly I am at a scary point in life. I’ve become vulnerable to a lot and it just isn’t easy. I hope I can take from these characters though: Rose’s feeling for humanity, the strength of her love and loyalty, and sense of fun. Donna’s sense of sass, fashion, and her resourcefulness.

Anywho I am going to get back to work bookworms! I just needed a break to breathe and talk. How are you handling the end of the semester stress? What are your outlets? Any of you out of school have any advice to handle the fear after it? Who are your favorite companions or your favorite Doctors? Feel free to share and I will try to have a Top Ten Tuesday post up soon!

Basically Run

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Let Spring Break Begin!!!

Hey bookworms! I am free!!! Well at least of my on Campus classes! I still have to do a post for my online Sociology class on Sunday, but I don’t have to stress about stuff due on Monday! It feels so good to not wake up stressing about the million things to do. I am in my last year of University well at least in my undergrad, and I put more pressure on myself to get A’s! I want to get the most out of my classes especially my creative writing class! So unlike some people who get to go away for break… I am a little disappointed to say my plans to go away for my last one didn’t work out as planned, but that’s life. *shrugs* Instead, I am going to travel the best way a college student can without going anywhere! How is that do you ask? With books, movies/ shows, and my new video game! So in case you’re curious about what I plan to read, watch, and play I’d thought I’d do a blog post! Plus I plan to also fill this break with blogging and writing for my next workshop submission which is due on Thursday. So, bookworms, even if this break will seem a bit lazy to most people who get to venture out I am going to try and keep productive!


So I’ve already finished two books since the first day of my break which was yesterday, and it makes me feel AMAZING! I’ve been in a huge slump since the semester started, and maybe because I haven’t found anything we’ve read in class too interesting. You would think that since they bored me they would have spurred me onto want to read more for fun they had the opposite effect. Since the reading was not something I looked forward to, they take me forever to read and by the time I finish it’s time to get ready for bed. So now that my Theory Test due date was moved I plan to spend spring break to read purely for pleasure! Here is what I read and plan to finish/read for break.

Recently Finished:

 1. Pokemon Adventures Volume 3 by Hidenori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto

Pokemon Adventures Volume 3

Honestly my brain was on break on Wednesday in class. I couldn’t focus at all, so while I tried my best to participate I was reading this in class. I know horrible, but I couldn’t help it! I finished it late Wednesday, and it was a great way to start break! I gave it a 5 out of 5 stars!

2. Unleashed by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié

Wolf Springs Chronicles

This book was one of the few I got at the Las Vegas Valley Book Festival! It’s a paperback which means I have to be careful with it because of moments when my hands sweat badly. So I’ve been reading it off and on since October! I know forever, right? It’s not that it didn’t keep me interested, but life gets in the way! So this book was the first novel I wanted to finish over break, and I don’t regret it. Well… Maybe a bit because it’s part of a trilogy… Which of course means I want the other two! I rate it a 4 out of 5 stars and will talk more about why in my wrap-up!

Spring Break TBR

Now I know I have talked about the first 4 for the last few months, but again I blame my slump! So I really plan to dig into them, and get them read over break! The rest are ones I’ve been dying to read, so I am so excited to devour them!

1. A Game of Thrones By George R.R. Martin

A Game of Thrones

2.  Bitten by Kelley Armstrong


3.  Hood By Emma Donoghue


4. Eat, Pray, Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat Pray Love

5. One Day by David Nicholls

One Day

6. The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman


7. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke


8. Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour

Everything Leads to You

9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

What I Plan to Watch!

1. Doctor Who


Okay now if you read my Valentine’s Day post you know I am a Whovian! Now for break binge watching Doctor Who on Netflix will not only be for pleasure, but I also plan to use it for my final project in my Women Traveler’s class! Using my favorite companions as the travelers I am doing my project on. I’m on the fence though about using my blog for this project, so if anyone thinks using my blog for this is a good idea let me know please!

2. Once Upon a Time


I am a huuuuuuuuuuge Oncer it is one of my favorite shows and I know I will watch it as normal, but it deserves a mention! I can’t wait till Sundays and am more than happy it’s back on!

3. Boy Meets World


Well since I can’t go anywhere for break I plan on buying the DVD’s off of amazon to compensate! This show always makes me feel better even when it makes me feel the feels! So yeah the book buying ban starts, but to make myself feel better I am buying movies… Yes I have a problem…

4. Wolf’s Rain


This is one of my favorite animes! I love anything with Wolves and I think this was one of my first animes. I own all the DVDs and feel I need to feel the feels of this anime again. It might get me in the mood for working on my story that involves wolves in a way. So I think this deserves a binge as well!

5. Any of My Gerard Butler Movies

Gerard Butler Wallpaper @

So here is a fact about me Gerard Butler is my number one celebrity crush, and he even has his own section in my DVD case (I have a big album type thing because I feel actual cases take up too much room)! He is just perfection that only gets better with age. Like I said above since I’m not going on break I am splurging a bit on DVD’s most of them GB movies! So to make up for the fact that I won’t be able to spend break visiting my bf (timing and schedules suck, but there is hopefully more trips to come!)… I plan to distract myself with Gerry’s eyes and oh so yummy accent…

My Game

Tales of Xillia 


I got this book for my birthday for my PS3, so I’ve only been playing it for a bit, but so far loving the story line! I love that you get to choose between the two main characters whose story line you get to follow. I love RPG games I guess it goes hand and hand in loving books because I love a good story line. I am not the best gamer because the PS3 is the first big game system in a while, so I am not the best gamer, but I try.

So bookworms those are my spring break plans! If you are on break, what do you plan on doing? If you already had break, what did you do? Have you read any of the books I mentioned or do you plan to? Are you part of the fandoms mentioned above? Are you an anime lover who has any good ones to share? What system or games do you like to play? Who is your celebrity crush?  If you guys want to see what movies I buy let me know if you want to see a haul! Have a good weekend and fill it with fun! Sorry if this post was long I just am trying to perk myself up about the perks of staying home for break. So I hope you guys like at least some of this post.

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My Top Favorite 14 Fictional Couples

Hey Bookworms! Hope you guys are having a good V-Day Weekend! Whether it’s out with loved ones or loving your books! So, I know this is a day late, but we ended up celebrating my little cousin’s birthday a bit last minute on Valentine’s Day, but I love how he gets excited to watch movies with me, so it made my day much better. It is Valentine’s weekend so I thought I would post my 14 favorite couples (since I had planned to post it on Valentine’s Day, which is the 14th). Now so as to not spoil some of these couples which are in a love triangle some of these are the ones I wanted together, but I won’t be clarifying which is which! This list will include books and shows because the key word is (sadly) fictional these are the couples I love and root for!

1. Sydney and Adrian from the Bloodline Series seriously they are a couple I have been behind since day one! No matter what someone struggles with if your love is strong enough you can make it through.


2. Ian O’Shea and Wanderer from The Host by Stephenie Meyer show that you can truly love someone no matter their differences. You see the difference and love them for it which gave me hope.

The Host

3. Kishan and Kelsey the Tiger’s Curse series by Colleen Houck I don’t know I love the friendship and Kishan is just plain yummy! You can fall in love with the one you didn’t expect to and better yet he will always be your best friend to make you laugh and smile.

Tiger's Quest

4. Calla and Ren from the Nightshade series By Andrea Cremer proving that finding wild hot chemistry and finding your alpha does exist.

Nightshade Series

5.Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series by Rick Riordan proves that even if they drive you crazy you can grow to love them.

The Lightning Thief

6. Vivian and Gabriel from Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause proves that if you quit trying to be something you are not love can be right under your nose

Blood and Chocolate

7. Elena and Clayton from Bitten by Kelley Armstrong either in the book or show their story shows me that love will prevail even when you fight it and to look through their eyes and heart to find that they may be doing something out of love


8. America and Maxon from The Selection Series by Kiera Cass that real love is never the easiest, but it will find a way to win.

The Selection

9. Emma and Dexter from One Day by David Nicholls it proves even though things may not fall into place when we want it to, but if it’s meant to be it will happen. This is absolutely one of my favorite books and movies!

One Day

Next 2 Same Book

Night Circus

10. Celia and Marco from The Night Circus proving you can’t fight fate even if you are fighting for your lives.

11. Poppet and Bailey also from The Night Circus they prove to me that true love can exist when your young.

12. Ashley and Spencer from my favorite show in my teen years South of Nowhere shows that love really knows no gender

Spencer and Ashley

13. Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time another addiction proves that someone can change for the better for love

Hook and Emma

14. Rory Gilmore and her books from The Gilmore Girls show! Proving that you don’t need someone to make you happy you can be your own deciding factor future and don’t let anyone force you to take a leap before you are ready.


Extra: 9&10 and Rose from Doctor Who just couldn’t resist showing my whovian side!

Rose and The Doctor

(Last few pics found on google)

So there are my fictional love inspirations these are the ones that make me keep believing in love when I hit rocks in my own relationship. It doesn’t make me love my love life or the boy I love less, but since my examples in love familiar wise I have always looked to fiction to help me deal with the difficult sides. So Bookworms who are your favorite couples? Did I intrigue any of your bookworms to trying these shows or books? Have you seen any of these shows?  Feel free to share below!

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