30 Day Reading Challenge Day 25: Sometimes Paying to Learn Leads to Reading Great Books

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! It’s day 25 and I will be relieved when these posts are over… It was fun at first, but now it’s making me feel a bit worn out. I will definitely go back to posting 3-4 times a week after this. So this one required some thinking with my once again horrible memory. Anywho let’s get started!

Day 25: Favorite Book Read in School

Now this one was hard to think of because I had already listed my favorite as my favorite classic on Day 10. I of course had to think of a runner-up. Thinking back on all the books I’ve read as an undergrad has been hard because not all of them have been books, so I remembered the one I have read not to long ago.

Hard Times by Charles Dickens

Hard Times

Honestly this was my first look into Dickens and I adored it. It lit a curiosity to read more by him as soon as I am able! This story when first published was serialized and therefore very episodic. It very much reminded me of a soap opera and was very fun to read! I wanted to read what happened next. You invest in the character and see the bad guy get what they deserve. It is a very good description of the haves and have nots. If you are curious about Dickens I definitely recommend this one as your first because the characters are fun and very easy to picture. It may ignite a love for classics that you never knew you had!

Well that is all for now bookworms. I am gonna go and find a book to curl-up with as I contemplate tomorrow’s post. What is your favorite classic? Have you picked up Dickens or this book yet? What Dickens’ novel should I grab next? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments and happy reading!

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