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30 Day Reading Challenge Day 4: Sometimes the Sequel is Better and I Gush for This One

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms hope your Friday is going/went well. I made it to the 4th day even if I am posting a little later. So today’s post is a build off of Day 3’s post! Any who I’ll get started.

Day 4: Favorite Book in Favorite Series

Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Quest

This is the sequel to Tiger’s Curse and my favorite book in the series. Now let me leave you a list down below in tradition of yesterdays post and let’s face it there is more than one reason I love this book.

Reasons I Adore TQ

1. Get to Know My Book BF More: We get to see a lot more of a Certain yummy Indian Prince Kishan more

2. Mythology: Once more how it’s woven and combined in this story

3. The Quest and the Reward: Not going to say what it is because I don’t want to spoil you guys but it’s my favorite

4. Dating: Describes the dating life when you don’t find your Prince

5. Kelsi Learning How to Defend Herself: She learns martial arts so she doesn’t have to be your classic D.D (Damsel in Distress) I love that she doesn’t want the boys to completely protect her.

6. Treats: The yummy shakes they get and the cookies Kelsey makes

7. Definition:  Characters becoming even more themselves making you more attached

8. Setting:  Setting is what I struggle most at so I envy authors who can put you in them so easily

9. Creatures: Fairies!!!

10. Kishan: Again I love him so he needs to be two reasons to read this!

That is just some of the many reasons I love this book and need to do a reread ASAP! I really urge you to start this series if your unable to travel this summer and for some reason this is the book I think of when I think of summer. I may not be willing to share my book bf, but I do want to get this series more reader! So if you can handle a good love triangle, a life risking quest, prophecies and love mythology pick up this series.

That’s all for Day 4 bookworms! I know this was a bit of a gush but I adore this series and want to get it more readers. I know this is posted late, but it is still Day 4. Hope you guys click to see what I have for day 5! Happy reading!


30 Day Reading Challenge: Talking about the Thing that Spends Most of My Money

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms! It’s me again! Look I made it to day 3! I am a bit proud of myself! Any who how is your day? Currently I am having a Gerard Butler movie marathon as I blog today. Currently finishing up my favorite one and also my favorite movie ever PS I Love You. This post isn’t about movies though this is about books! So I will get started. (Here are Day’s 1 & 2 if you haven’t read them and are curious to see)

Day 3: Favorite Series

The Tiger’s Curse Series by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Curse Tiger's Quest Tiger's Destiny Tiger's Voyage

Now if you have been following this blog for a while you’ve seen me mention this series before. Honestly this question was a struggle to decide because I have about 6 favorite series, but I chose this one for tomorrow’s question. This one is a series that I have a distinct favorite book in.

Honestly I adore this series, but if you DON’T like love triangles it is not for you, but if you DO LOVE hot indian princes from a different time this is for you.

Reasons I Love This Series

1. The mythology: within it and how it is woven in

2. Fairy-Tale Retelling (Possibly?): The Author has mentioned it was inspired by Beauty and the Beast

3.. The Setting: Asia is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and never had the money to do so. Why books were created

4. The Love Triangle: I love a good love triangle if it makes sense for the story and both interests stand a chance

5. Tigers!


7. My Number one Book Boyfriend

8. Strong Female Character who is more than willing to fight to protect the people she has grown to love

9. Characters I’ve grown to love

10. The Quest and Prophecy

11. A really Wicked Villian: Lokesh

Reasons it is Currently Upsetting Me:

1. THE 5th Book Currently Has NO Release Date

I could mention the other reason it upsets me, but I don’t want to spoil anyone who hasn’t read it! That is all I have to say for this post! I hope my reasons were good enough to at least intrigue you! Now I’m gonna watch Chasing Mavericks before I work on my 2nd post for today! I will leave a trailer for the movie down below just for fun =) Happy reading!