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Movie Monday: Adaptions I’ve Watched that I Still Need to Read: Part 2

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Hey Bookworms this post might not get up on Monday, but I am starting Monday night so it counts! I needed to quite down my mind a bit, so I thought I’d do another one of my movie confession posts. This is a part 2 post of movie adaptions I have watched, but haven’t read yet either because I was too excited to see the movie or didn’t know it was a book! For Part 1 you can look if you want to see my how bad I am with the first 10! As for the links it will be the same as the last one the title will hold the goodreads link and below that will be the movie trailer. Hope you enjoy it! These are ones I can name off the top of my head.

1. The Secret Garden

This was a book always difficult when I was younger to finish because of it’s length. I am hoping that now that I am older I can fix that issue now that I have a better attention span

2. A Little Princess

The problem with this book it was a library book and school got in the way of reading when I was younger

3. Holes

This one was required reading when I was younger and every time I was required I rebelled. I do want to read this now though!

4. Charlotte’s Web

I remember being read part of this, but don’t think it was ever finished. So I count it as unread.

5. 101 Dalmatians

I didn’t know this was a movie till I was watching the movie one night! So definitely gonna buy it ASAP!

6. Kingsman: The Secret Service

I’m in love with this movie and want to read the comic as soon as I can!!!

7. Julie & Julia

This movie is inspirational especially the fact of how blogging helped her through her life. So I want to read this as soon as I can

8. Marley & Me

With this story the way the movie is narrated it makes me wonder if the articles have the same voice, so I need it as soon possible

9. Matilda

My favorite childhood movie, but until I got older I never knew it was a book, so I want it so bad!

10. Brideshead Revisited

This is one of my favorite movie period pieces, so I want to see how the film took from the words.

So that’s all for now bookworms! Started this post Monday, but finished on Tuesday. How are you when it comes to adaptions? How strict are you with watching films before reading. Sadly this list gets longer, but I do love most of the movies I watch. I love to live in the world of stories whether it’s a book, comic, movie, show, or game! Which of these that you’ve read or watched is your favorite? Which should I read first? Comment down below and let me know! Happy reading and watching!

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Movie Monday Fangirling Over: The Age of Adaline!

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Hey bookworms! I know this is a little different, but this is going to be the first post in a little theme on my blog. Most of these posts will be on my views of book to movie adaptions I have read and seen, but this first one is a little different because I wish this movie was a book! On Saturday I finally went to see The Age of Adaline!!! So this will be half fangirling/ half review because I’m not really sure of how to review a movie. Let’s get this post started.

The Age of Adaline

Movie Title: The Age of Adaline

Film Company: Lionsgate

Release Date: April 24, 2015

Rated:  PG-13

Genre: Romance, Drama

Director: Lee Toland Krieger

Starring: Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Kathy Baker, Harrison Ford, Ellen Burstyn, Amanda Crew, and Kathy Baker

My Review/ Fangirling

So I will try to split this up in three parts: My Excitement, My Experience, and My Feelings afterwards which will hold my rating. Hopefully this way this post will make sense.

My Excitement

I’ve been stalking this movie since I first heard about it last summer. Oh and I also ADORE Blake Lively! I will see anything she is in! Even if it was a silent film! She is just stunning!!


The male love interest was yummy too. I have a thing for guys with long curly hair and blue/green eyes!… I mean look at him! Just mmm…

Michiel Huisman and Blake

I blame Gerard Butler for starting that obsession but that’s a bit off topic. The first time I stumbled upon it I was mesmerized by the premise. I love the idea of another life, and although this movie isn’t about reincarnation it is pretty close. I fell in love with seeing each outfit she wore in the preview and the way her life changed. It was about an unusual life that was more than a mundane. It had the draw I needed much like the books I love right now. I received tickets to see it at an early screening, but everyone I knew was out of town. The weekend after my sister had to get a cast. Then the weekend of release I was low on Funds and we needed to go to the luxury theater, so she could put her foot up on the reclining seats. The theater was sold out on all shows! So when I had the money I was excited to go May 2nd and I was giddy!

My Experience

Comfy seats, my pizza, popcorn, and my soda and a comfy recliner seat I was so ready. The fact that the bits were narrated was so appealing to me especially because I have been on an audiobook kick. Blake Lively’s voice had a slight accent that just hinted her lives. The costuming and the settings were so amazing it made you truly believe in all of this! The themes in this movie are amazing and the emotions were strong and inspired the emotions for my own writing it made. The love scenes didn’t lack anything. They felt genuine and for me that is very important! I really do over analyze love scenes when they don’t seem real I growl at the TV. And Blake Lively’s laugh is one of my favorites so her emotions overall were very believable. I just loved the pacing too it took time where it needed and sped too.

My Feelings

Honestly this movie was a 5/5 stars for me! It was amazing story telling, and I already want to see it again! If you loved the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button I think you will enjoy this movie. I think this is a story that will appeal to readers because to me it was what it would be like if you could project the story out of the book. This is an original film and what I mean by original is it was not based off a book! It makes me a bit sad because I would love to read it as one. This movie definitely made it to my onto my favorites list and you can bet I will be buying the DVD! I think this will be one of my comfort movies. So if you want to take a step back in time check this movie out or if you simply want to feel some feels!

Well that’s it bookworms please tell me if you liked the style of this review. It’s the first time I reviewed a movie, so any feedback will help! I plan on doing another one of these soon I just have to pick an adaption! If you would want me to do non adapted movies let me know? Have you seen this movie? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts? Do you plan on seeing this movie? Feel free to comment down below, and for those of you who haven’t seen the trailer. I’ll include it for you. Have a good week bookworms and happy reading!

P.S. I recently bought some items to treat myself pre-finals. Would you guys be interest in a haul? It isn’t bookish stuff, but it is cute and fun stuff. Let me know in the comments please!


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