Life Update: Procrastinating

Hey bookworms! Whatcha doing? Sorry random post I know, but I finished the first part of my Sociology Exam! Part one was multiple choice questions from all of the quizzes over the semester. I was missing a question, so I got 74 out of 75 correct! I am now currently stalling on the next part: The written part.

Why is it when you have a word count that you have to reach it makes it so much hard to hit that many words than when you don’t? When I blog my word count nearly every time I blog about books my count is over 1,000 words easily! Now writing about the sociology of aging 499 might as well be a million! Right now I have 54 words… Yay me… Another thing why do professors choose to ask about terms you’ve only seen once in the semester, and say if you are confused to look at your notes, but don’t specify which module when you have 14? This is question also applies to why is it hard to write a certain amount of pages?

I think I will take a break to play my game I am currently addicted to Tsum Tsum! I am not the best, but it is addicting! I might take a break to read as well and start again in an hour. I just wanted to ramble to you guys I guess? What do you do when Finals have you frazzled? I feel they’d be easier to get through these evil finals if I had a vacation to look forward to. Oh well I have my books to look forward to? I think I may create a TBR on goodreads to know how many books I have on my nook that need to be read. It has a feature for shelves, but doesn’t tell you the number. Yea I am procrastinating? Anywho I hope you guys don’t find this too whiny or boring I just felt like talking! It is one of my favorite things! Let me know how you deal with finals stress? How you celebrate after even if you don’t have money for a trip? Have a good Sunday and Mother’s day! Happy reading!