30 Day Reading Challenge Day 21: Returning to an Old Friend

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! I know it’s been a bit since I have done this, but I don’t want to leave it undone. So I hope your eager to see what these last ten answers are going answers are going to be. So let’s begin!

Day 21: Favorite Read from Childhood

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge

The Little White Horse

Honestly it’s been forever since I read this book, so all the details aren’t as fresh. The reason being for lack of rereading this is because my copy is a paperback and I had read it so much it was starting to fall apart! I do remember loving the era the setting was in. Thinking about being drawn in a carriage and living in a manor. There was nothing more at that time that I wanted than to go back into time and search for something magical. To be somewhere greener and not feel the ache in my muscles. To me this story was finding joy in a dark situation finding magic and belief when normally you would have none. This book’s magic and writing is something I want to revisit this summer since I bought the e-book a few months ago. I hope I enjoy it with the same amount I did then, and maybe take some notes on the world building. Well bookworms that’s all I have for now. What is your favorite childhood read? Do you still have the original copy? Let me know down below and happy reading!