Life Update: Is It Friday Yet??!

Fire Emblem Fates

Hey Bookworms! It’s me again! I’m sorry I don’t have a banner for my Life Update posts, but I will eventually! Hopefully… Any who this post will be about my gush for Fire Emblem Fates

which I will be picking up the retail versions on Friday! Eeep! I will be playing Hoshido first and then Nohr! I have been a FE fan since the game Sacred Stones, so  to have a new game after Awakening in which I fell in love with the Prince Chrom! He is my game husband and it is just as bad as having a book boyfriend, so I’m not ashamed!

The thing about both Awakening and Fates is both games are more immersive for the players allowing you to play and design your own character. It adds to the part about the games I love the most! The story line and the roller coaster of feels as you get more attached to characters the ones you have and the ones you gain. There is also a marriage aspect that builds character on a whole new level. So if you are a reader with a 3DS I recommend starting with these games. They have such good story line and allows you to think for and with the characters which you can’t do enough in books lately. RPG’s have always been my game of choice and the strategy part of it tests my brain as well. If I do persuade you to play the game or if you already plan to do feel free to DM on twitter for your friend code!

Other Life Updates:

I graduated University in December and I got an email saying my diploma was being mailed today! I am so relieved and I was beginning to think I filled out something wrong! I mean it’s been 2 months… Besides that I’ve started the job hunting process through the Bureau of Vocational Rehab. Sadly we don’t live in a perfect world and jobs do discriminate. This job helps find jobs and get accommedations at said jobs for people with any kind of disability whether it’s mental (depression), learning (Developmental, ADD, Dyslexia) or Physical like me. It’s great to have this tool because I want to do everything through the proper channels because I am on SSI and don’t want to ruin it if I need it later in life. Now this process can take up to 60 days after the initial applying appointment to see if you qualify which I do and did last week. My counselor is hopeful because of how prepared I was, so I’m hoping that this all goes quickly. If I didn’t stay positive my depression would get the best of me in this dragging time.

So I needed to do something to fill my time in the meantime. I’m volunteering at an Organization called All the Same: Wild and Time Sanctuary! I get to play with and love on kitties (and the menial tasks of cleaning litter boxes and feeding them) as they wait to get adopted.  Like the lovely Morticia:


The thing I love most about this organization is that they rescue from pound and things like that. It is fun and gets me out of the house on Thursdays and Fridays. It helps me be social and gives me some physical activity that I have been missing since I finished School. It gives me a kitty fix until I get my own place and adopt my own.

Speaking of which I am also dealing with an unwanted move, so I may be a bit unavailable in March, but I don’t know when yet, so I will let you all know sooner. I am trying to focus more on the positive, which is why I can’t wait to get a job. Although I don’t know what I want as a day job, but since I don’t plan to stay in my state because there’s not much for me to pursue in my desired career choices. So any job I have in these next 2 years will be experience and hopefully lead to new friendships!

Well bookworms that’s all that up in my life right now? How about yours? Have you played Fire Emblem? Which were your favorites? How bout favorite characters? Did I convince you to play? Do you have any other advice for not going stir crazy? Feel free to comment down below and let me know! Happy Reading and Gaming!


Hey Bookworms! Look Who I Found?! My (Faux) Interview with Robert Frost!

Hey Bookworms! I know I haven’t been around in a bit, but school has taken up so much lately and it has become all of me. Well speaking of school work… You’ll never guess who I found!!! Mr. Robert Frost … Continue reading

Blogger Recognition Award: I Think This One Is My Favorite Awards


Hey Bookworms! I am honored to have been nominated for this award by Two Lovely Bloggers: Katherine from Katherine’s Bookcase and Alicia from #LoveBooks! Let me just say thank you two so very much and I’m sorry this has taken me so long to do this! On the bright side I am doing it in the same month I was nominated for it. Their links will lead to their award posts because I enjoy this award a ton and feel they are so worth the read! Any who let’s get this!

The Rules

1. Select 15 other blogs to give the award to. You might have to do some searching, but you can find those blogs. You can’t nominate yourself or the person who nominated you.

2. Make a post to show off your award! Talk about how your blog got started and give some advice to the other bloggers out there. And share the fancy picture!

3. Comment on each blog to let the blogger know that you have nominated them.

4. Link to the original post at Edge of Night that way anyway can find the original guidelines and such.

How I Started Blogging

As it says on my about page this blog started as a class assignment for my University Advanced Composition class. It was something I was had been debating on doing for a while especially after finishing high school. Most of my bookworm friends had lost their passion to read having assigned reading pushed on them too much, or were more interested in going out than staying in and fangirling. Now that being said with the start of this class it was a little frustrating to have to do drafts of my posts, get them edited, and then being able to post them. I mean I see the benefit of having my posts edited because I know I struggle with grammar: run on sentences, lack of commas, punctuation that kind of thing and I apologize for it! The edits held me back though because the community inspired me with the different kind of posts. Plus I was restricted to one topic of books. Now my professor said that most people struggled or chose not to keep their blog up after, but I love the fact that I am no longer restricted and can post as I please. So I got to dip my toes into blogging, see what went into it, and did my research. Classes can have a fun twist and that is what made me brave enough to start this journey!

My Blogging Advice to Other Bloggers

Since I was nominated by two bloggers I am going to give two pieces of advice, and hope that doesn’t count too much as cheating.

1. Be Social

Now stay with me because this one piece of advice is being split into a few parts, but I think it is an important part in being a blogger. We all joined this space to be heard or to bond, so being social is important to make the most of this so here are the 3 parts of this key component:

A. Comment!!!

Comment when you receive a comment make sure you reply as soon as possible. I also recommend replying on that commenter’s blog if they have one as well. Look for a post that interests you. Comments help build confidence and bonds, and can even help inspire new posts!

B. Join Social Media

Whether it be Goodread’s or twitter to post your reviews or post to. It will help you find new books and bond with other bloggers, or leads more people to your blog. They also make readathons even more fun as you can read with others during sprints and even have some friendly competition during them as you try to read more than your friends

C. Be Yourself and Use Your Voice

Now this may be a silly thing to say because it may seem like common sense, but people get nervous. Like I said above I wanted to be a book blogger because a lot of my friends were losing their love of books and I yearned to be connected. So when I talk to you all, I literally picture myself in a circle or having a one on one conversation with someone I trust. I love talking and blogging makes me feel like I am being heard. So don’t get shy or too dry let the words flow. Readers could turn out to be potential best friend across a borderline. Don’t censor your opinion too much because some people may share that same opinion!

2. Use Images

One of the many assignments was researching what keeps a reader reading. One of the key things was have pictures. Sometimes words won’t be enough to keep a reader’s attention. A pretty image can catch their eye and make them curious enough to click. So whether it be images you take yourself or borrow from another post always make sure to cite them by leaving the link or giving credit to the creator. It can also break up your text or wrap things up nicely.

My Nominees

1. Analee @ Book Snacks

2. Paige @ The Paige-Turner

3. Merin @ Read and Reviewed

4. Danielle @ Love at First Page

5. Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes

6. Amber @ YA Indulgences

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10 The lovely blogger @ Find Me at the Library

11. Evi @ Adventuring Through the Pages

12. Fantasy Angel @ Avid Reader

13. Vivian @ Beau’ De Livres

14. Holly @ Belle of the Library

15. Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense

Well that is all for now bookworms! I hope you enjoy/find my advice useful! I’m sorry if I mention someone who has already done this already. I hope you enjoyed this post and my wrap-up will be up tomorrow.  Let me know if my advice helped or if you disagree. Like I said above I love to talk! Happy Reading!


Life Update: Procrastinating

Hey bookworms! Whatcha doing? Sorry random post I know, but I finished the first part of my Sociology Exam! Part one was multiple choice questions from all of the quizzes over the semester. I was missing a question, so I got 74 out of 75 correct! I am now currently stalling on the next part: The written part.

Why is it when you have a word count that you have to reach it makes it so much hard to hit that many words than when you don’t? When I blog my word count nearly every time I blog about books my count is over 1,000 words easily! Now writing about the sociology of aging 499 might as well be a million! Right now I have 54 words… Yay me… Another thing why do professors choose to ask about terms you’ve only seen once in the semester, and say if you are confused to look at your notes, but don’t specify which module when you have 14? This is question also applies to why is it hard to write a certain amount of pages?

I think I will take a break to play my game I am currently addicted to Tsum Tsum! I am not the best, but it is addicting! I might take a break to read as well and start again in an hour. I just wanted to ramble to you guys I guess? What do you do when Finals have you frazzled? I feel they’d be easier to get through these evil finals if I had a vacation to look forward to. Oh well I have my books to look forward to? I think I may create a TBR on goodreads to know how many books I have on my nook that need to be read. It has a feature for shelves, but doesn’t tell you the number. Yea I am procrastinating? Anywho I hope you guys don’t find this too whiny or boring I just felt like talking! It is one of my favorite things! Let me know how you deal with finals stress? How you celebrate after even if you don’t have money for a trip? Have a good Sunday and Mother’s day! Happy reading!


Brief Life Updates

Hey bookworms! I would’ve posted this with my Wrap-Up and TBR I posted recently, but my computer decided to misbehave. Anywho I wanted to just talk to you guys and tell you what is going on. School is done after this coming up week excluding my Theory Exam which is due online the 13th, but I really want to try and get it done early. Honestly I am so glad this has been the least stressful set of exams I’ve had in my college/university experience! Speaking of school my last critique for creative writing is on Wednesday! I am nervous, but excited hearing feedback is really pushing me to keep going at it. It is a good yet nervewracking feeling for me to be inspired again. I just don’t want to lose the fire for this one again! I can’t believe fall will be my last semester! By the way was I the only one who didn’t know you have to pay to apply for graduation?

Back to my feelings about words, writing, and books .I posted this on FB earlier because I was looking for inspiration and comfort with my writing, so I thought I would share it:

Watching JK Rowling’s interview with Oprah. Just wanting the inspiration and reminding me why I keep going. I’ve had this dream since I was six. Books and authors have always given me an escape, letting me do things I can’t, and helping me overcome. I hope I can keep on a roll this summer on my piece. I just wish I had someone to cuddle with whilst I watch. Books can change/save/help lives. Leave an imprint on people. I want to do that

Writing and reading have always been where I grounded myself when I was younger, and yes I struggle with letting it do that now that I’m older, but I want to give others hope too. When they feel they have no voice, or words. I have felt like that lately even though I’m having good moments lately.

I said I was going to talk about my journey with my Cerebral Palsy earlier in the month in my previous Life Updates, and this post will contain part of that. I am going to see a therapist on Thursday to get evaluated. A symptom of CP can be depression. I’ve felt it in High School, but brushed it off as low self-esteem and family issues. When I first started college though that’s when it got worse, and my anxiety has gotten worse too especially in crowds. I feel lost and no sense of control… Honestly I hope they agree to see me regularly because I just need to feel I have a safe place to speak. To know what I say won’t be told to another and that someone will just hear me. I hate not having some control, and only knowing in 5 years I want to be far away from here, but no idea where.

There is some good news though I did find somewhere that will help me get a job and plan to get in touch with them as soon as the semester is done. They specialize in helping people work who have any kind of disability, and I just want to stay productive, build a resume, gain experiences, and hopefully new friends.

Well that is all I have to say for now Bookworms. Sorry if this book was a bit all over the place, but I just wanted to talk about the next steps in this journey. I am not my disability, but it is part of me. Sometimes it makes my life difficult, but I want to make a difference. Not to be an inspiration because of it, but because of my passion. Again I am only speaking for my experience with CP not any one else’s. Everyone has a different story. Happy reading bookworms and have a good week!