Bio: Hey bookworms! I am so happy you found my blog! My name is Chantal or you can call me CK. I currently live at home with my mom, stepdad, and 2 dogs! I am currently a desert rat, but plan to move somewhere different for grad school. As for the current main theme of this blog it's books! Books have always been a help in hard points in my life and have always been silent listeners and teachers. They have been the cause of some of my tears, but also my strength. I have a physical disability called cerebral palsy books and words along with what they create have always allowed me to slip into another skin. They have allowed me to do what I physically cannot, and made me believe in things in my life thought to be a myth such as love. The authors have been mentors to me and inspirations in making me want to create my own worlds to help others. I am also a movie lover so my blog may also contain blogs about movies or shows on occasion along with a few posts about fangirling on video games. I hope you enjoy my blog as it progresses. =)

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