Movie Monday: Gossip Girl

Hey Story Lovers (I am thinking of using this new nickname for you all for Movie Mondays, hope you don’t mind)! I know I am behind on my reading challenge and I will try to get to that this month, but I’ve had shows and movies on my mind. I need someone to talk to and I dunno anyone personally watching this show. Now which show am I speaking of? Have I got you curious yet? Today my lovelies we will be talking about Gossip Girl the new version and a bit of the old. So let’s get to it! If you haven’t watched all the episodes of the original or are caught up on the episodes that aired on the new one on 8/5 SPOILERS AHEAD!

Flashback to 2007 and my sophomore year where I was still a huge lover of contemporary fiction, mush, and steam. It was my addiction, so when I heard these books were turning into a show I got into the addiction. As much as I am not a girly girly physically, I am in love with pretty things fashion wise. I also thought the cast was pretty as well and got quickly attached to each of them despite their flaws and down falls. They were a friend group that stood by each other making me hope I could have that one day.

I saw an interview the other day that made me a bit sad on YouTube that Blake Lively (Serena) didn’t like her character or playing her. She was felt she was a bad person which, yes, she did make mistakes, which I feel people may with options can with too much freedom can while your brain is still developing and dealing with issues, but I feel she tried to grow from the mistakes she had made. She loved hard and I related to the girl who would do anything for her friends. She also felt it was too influential to teens watching it to mimic their behavior?

Now I know that these shows may influence, but I feel if the kids are smart they will enjoy it for what it is entertainment and mystery? Trying to guess who GG was and wondering if your ship was going to sail or sink? There were quotes and OTPs to die for. Yes, I wished to see more diversity, and maybe even more of my self in the show, but it was a show that got my mind off the drama of my own life and into the drama of someone else’s. It kept me safe for about an hour each week(due to commercials) and had me somewhere to go outside of my books and school. This was the first time I got to see a bigger city outside of my town. I was happy yet sad to see it end 5 years later 2 years into college, but it showed me they made it through college so could I.

Now fast forward almost 10 years later I tried to re-binge it all before the new one came to be, but adulting got in the way as it has a way to do and I shrugged and jumped onto it the first moment I had free time. Now to be honest I wanted to watch it because I like Thomas Doherty and wanted to see him act a different role than I had seen him in before, and I was curious with the trailers how they were going to bring GG back to life with only one minor character being related to the original cast?

First Thoughts

OMG this cast actually has more than 2 actors of color?! EEEEP! YES!!! Thomas Doherty plays a bi boy! Thank you for TV world for growing even if it’s not as quick as we would like.

Okay, we are focusing on two sisters instead of two slight frenemies. I guess I can get with it. Okay, we’re back at Constance for the school, and the kids aren’t into Gossip Girl yet just doing there own thing? So is Zoya bringing it too school, since she had escaped bullying from her old?

It Gets Cringey

No… The Teachers want to be Gossip Girl… NO. NO. NO. Wrong on so many levels! They feel like they’re being bullied by the children? They don’t want to stick up to the little rich kids and parents? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Take a page from the old Headmistress and let them know what Constance can give them as far as education and opportunity! I mean not that hard! It feels like their sinking to the level of their pupils to get respect and pseudo stalking them a bit to keep them under control?

Basically copy catting a now famous writers voice to have these teens on edge. Then the teacher in charge of GG decides to drop her pursuits of writing to influence these children and not give up her “power”? It is hard to believe, but I still want to see these characters grow because I am living for the diversity and the occasional cameos?

Closing Thoughts

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures because if it brings you any joy in the slightest and your not harming anyone else or yourself than why not watch? I won’t be ashamed to say I will still watch a Teen Show the same way I am not ashamed to say I read YA. I am praying that the writers turn this around by having one of the teens hack the GG account and take it from the teachers just like it was briefly stolen Dan during the later seasons. I need to see it’s a student observing and watching their peers. One can hope!

What are your thoughts on the remake and original? Let me know in the comments below as I need someone to talk about this with! I hope you all have an amazing week and stay safe! Happy Reading and Watching!

The Book That Made Me Hot for the Summer: Cool for the Summer by Dahlia Adler (Book Retrospection slight spoilers)

Hi Bookworms, I am back! I know I am a little behind on my reading challenge and I promise to get to that soon. I read this book a bit ago, and since Under the Lights by Dahlia Adler was … Continue reading

Writing Wednesday: Love, Death, and Time

Hey bookworms! I decided to share my most recent blurb/poem/ opening to my newest piece of a possible story. It is definitely something, I’m excited yet anxious to start, so please be honest and let me know if you’d be curious to read more of.

Love, Death, and Time

Love, Death, and Time

Are beings forever intertwined

Never Enemies as the Myths Say

But Lovers as old as creation itself.

Every era now and then they are forced to spend time among the humans that curse them.

A worse fate than that every time they are reborn they must find each other once again.

This is the tale of how they slogged through our most current time of cell phones, plagues, and worlds crumbling to find each other’s arms once more.

What do you all think would you be curious/excited to read more? Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Hope you all are having an okay week and are staying safe. Happy Reading and Writing!

Book Talk: Reading Challenge Update, Spring Reading

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Movie Monday: Stargirl an Adaptation That Fell Short (Slight Spoilers)

Hey Bookworms! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these. I have happen to read two books that became adaptations in March and ended up watching the movie the same day. I am not normally too harsh on adaptations, but there was so many things this movie missed out on. Before I ramble too far and tell you everything in the intro let’s get started!

Movie Title: Stargirl

Release Date: 13 March 2020

Film Company: Disney

Rated: PG

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director: Julia Hart

Starring: Grace VanderWaal, Graham Verchere, Giancarlo Esposito

Format Watched in: Streaming on Disney+

Runtime: 1h 47min

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Quick Recommendation

Normally I am not one to care in which is read or watched first. I can easily go back and forth between watching the movie first then reading the book or vice versa. In this case though as I do believe the themes are extremely important please read the book Stargirl by by Jerry Spinelli, John Ritter especially if watching this with children.

What I Loved

What I adored is the casting no question, the diversity was spot on and each character fit their role while bringing themselves into it. I also loved that Stargirl kept her ukulele and Cinnamon, I loved that they kept at least one pivotal scene, and that Stargirl kept her be kind attitude especially with everything going on.

What Disney Missed Out On

Now like every bookworm I know a book cannot be made into a movie with EVERYTHING the same. I do however believe you should keep at least 2-3 of the pivotal scenes to drive the themes home. Yes, Stargirl still sang Happy Birthday (at least once and they moved Leo’s birthday forward for this scene), yes they incorporated Leo’s Porcupine Tie, they also still made Stargirl a cheerleader.

However, they didn’t include her most important be kind scene, didn’t show the true bullying, her happiness trailer with her stones, and I think they hurt her character by not including her dad. Yes, I get that they wanted her and Leo to relate, but it took away the ability of 2 parents fully supporting their daughter’s uniqueness. They also didn’t show her taking Leo on her adventure in the mall or finding billboards to help spread her kindness.

They changed her speech and how she found the inspiration for it. The little time that she tried hard to fit in so much it hurt before she realized by not being herself she hurt herself.

These are things that could bolster kids in middle school and high school, it could do so much more to help them survive especially in the context of what is going on with bullying on the rise especially in cyber form to move this book from 2002 to 2020.

Wrapping it Up

Now I am not saying this is a bad movie what so ever because it did have its cute parts, but it fell short on what the true themes teach. As always take the movie adaptation with a grain of salt. Hopefully they can take this into consideration with the next contemporary movie they make. Stargirl’s power and magic was to shine in her kindness as that was her magic.

Well that’s all for now bookworms. As always I will put the trailer below in case it piques your interest. Have you watched this movie or read the book? If you have done both what were your thoughts on the adaptation. I hope you all have an amazing and safe week. Happy Reading and Watching!

The Reread Book Tag

Hey Bookworms! I was looking for something to do next, and I’ve been stumbling on quite a few, so let’s get started with the first one. This is the Reread Book Tag which was created by Brianna the Randomness Reviewer. Let’s get started!

The Reread Book Tag

A Childhood Favorite You Could Read 100 Times and Never Get Sick of it

Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

I read this series in middle school which at this point being a month away from the last year of my 20’s, it is at this point. Any of her works I could read a million times, but this one has a soft spot as this one was my first.

A Book You DNF’ed but Would be Willing to Give Another Shot

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

I have DNF’ed quite a few books between this year and last, only a couple because I didn’t like them, more often than not it is because I wasn’t in the mood for them. I will put a tag on it for the library to borrow at a later time and return it for the next person to take their turn. I was on a fairy high and thought this book would have fairies like her last. It is my fault for not reading the summary, but I would give this world of magic another chance.

A Newer Favorite That You Would Reread

Dust (Heirs of Neverland,#1) by Kara Swanson/ Words on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton

I chose books from this year and I will definitely be rereading these when I need a laugh or to feel less alone. I definitely recommend the movie of the second if you haven’t seen it I will include the clip at the end of the post.

A Book You Hated and Never Want to Read Again

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Now the tag line of it being compared to One Day which is one of my favorite books and movies is what drew me to this book as tag lines often do with comparison. Let me tell you it was not both of these characters were horrible, had no redemption arc, and honestly don’t even know why I finished it. Say What You Will is also another, but you can see why if you want in my review.

A Book You Read in School and Want to Try Again

The Importance of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde

After reading The Picture of Dorian Gray and it not being my favorite, made me want to reread the lighter of Wilde. It is always something I think of when I need something light.

An Author You Would Reread Anything From

Cecelia Ahern

She is without a doubt the author I reread most, I reread one of her books at least once a year. They are comfort reads. My brain and heart always know which one I need at the time. She has gotten me through so much and I hope if I ever find my writing spark again, I can do the same for others.

A Series You Want to Reread for the Fun of It

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

This couple is my ship and comfort all in one to accept the flaws in one another and help each other grow. I think I need them for inspiration this year.

A Series You Want to Reread for the Adaptation

House of Night by PC and Kristin Cast

There are a few adaptations that come to mind but since this one has been the longest since I’ve read it, when it does get a release date I do plan on rereading the first 3.

A Book You Want to Reread as An Audiobook

The Sight By David Clement Davies

I remember reading this in the middle school, and it is one of my greatest regrets that I never finished this duology. Maybe if I get them as audiobooks, I can finally finish it. One can hope!

Well that’s all for this tag, and it was fun! The last question was the hardest though because so many of my rereads lately have been audio books. What is something fun, if it’s not a bit of a challenge? Have you read any of these? Did you do this tag? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Reading and stay safe all!

First Book Review of 2021: The Witch’s Heart

Hey Bookworms, sorry for 2 posts in one day, but the more I sat here the more I needed to write this and had to bite the bullet and post it right away! I wasn’t going to write a review on here, but then I thought what better way to shove a book on people by writing a review on my actual blog? I haven’t done this in a very looooooooooooooooong time, so please try and be gentle, as I try to make this screaming fangirlness make sense among the mythology and other thoughts zooming through my head. So let’s get started and hopefully it will go okay.

First Book Retrospection of the Year: The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec


Title: The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Publishing Date: February 9th 2021

Format: Audiobook from Libby App

Date Started: 26 February 2021

Date Finished: 1 March 2021

Rating: 5 Million out of 5 Stars (but GR only goes to 5 Stars)

Opening Thoughts

I think I ran across the news of this book from a Facebook ad, and from the second I saw the cover, it was an instant rush to the Libby App to put it on hold. It also pertained to mythology, so I know this book was destined, or at least hoped it would get me out of my slump/funk of a mood and God was I right. I was lucky that I didn’t have to wait too long from putting it on hold until I got it. Then the reading began as it dug it’s claws in me.

What I Loved

Can I say, everything? The world building had me traveling with Angraboda every step. It had you looking at these well known and even if you didn’t know them instantly and in different lights. This book shows you the truth of there is two sides to every story and even the characters history or myths tend to forget. Evil becomes good and Good becomes selfish, but it all comes down to motives that make them all alike. What drives these characters in there deeds. The LGBTness of this book and several characters makes me feel less alone. The stories and tales within the novel itself had me laughing in a way I hadn’t all month. Honestly there is so much I could say, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

This book is about perspective and I don’t mean changing between characters as it stayed with Angrboda. I also adored it stayed with our character but was also in third person. I tend to get tried of reading in first person and I think it is an overdone lately.

It weaves so many Norse mythologies throughout the main story, so you’re constantly learning without leaving or losing the main thread or story which is what the cover hints at.

I wish I had my own copy, so I could share my favorite quotes with you all, but I definitely know this is what I will be treating myself to for my birthday. This is a book I will be rereading again and again.

What I Hated

Honestly, other than the fact that it had to end? Nothing and it is very very rare that I say this. I wanted to cling to all of these characters and never let them go which I think was the main purpose and theme of this book to not let the legends, myths, and stories die, that we have to keep passing them on.

Final Thoughts

If you loved Circe by Madeline Miller, Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, or anything by Rick Riordan you need to read this book. I just can’t express enough of what it will do for your sense of perspective. If you listen to anything I say this year, please let it be this. Read this book. It is amazing for a debut novel and I can’t wait to see what this author writes next.

Please let me know if you read this book, your thoughts sans spoilers if this review made any sense as it may help me get over my insecurity of writing reviews, and if you would like to see me brave my fears enough to write another. Happy Reading all and Stay Safe!

Book Talk: Reading Challenge Update

Hey Bookworms! It is now what is normally my favorite month when there isn’t a pandemic going on. It’s March, my Birthday Month, time to update you on what I read in the Reading Challenge last month, and what I will be reading this month.

February: A Book You Wish You Read in School

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

I feel bad that I wasn’t as in love with this as I was The Importance of Being Earnest. Although I do wish I had a physical copy as there were so many quotes I adored. There were important themes about conscious vs image and what you are willing to do to uphold one over the other. It just dragged in too many places and I zoned out too much for me to be in love. I will maybe come back to this book one day when I am in a better place mentally. February and last half of January were a bit rough, so I hope my favorite month will bring better vibes.

March: A Book Published within the Last Year

Written in The Stars by Alexandria BelleFleur

Now I really want to read this in March and it fits as it did come out last year. I bought this on audible, but my audible takes a back seat when my library books slam me all at once. Right now I have 19 books on my Libby app, so we’ll see if I get to it. I hope I do because my Bi Girl pride is a sucker for some girl love and I also think it is a retelling, which is my other weakness.

I’ll think of what to read for April once I finish the March read. Have you read these books, if so what did you think? No spoilers please. Are you doing in a reading challenge? Let me know in the comments below. As always, Happy Reading and Stay Safe!

Book Talk: Depression or Book Slump?

Hey Bookworms! I am back, trying to be consistent, but I am bit disappointed on not being able to do my Valentine’s Day post, but trying to move on. So onto the next topic that has been weighing on me lately. I dunno how long this post will be but just gonna let the words to come from my brain, into my fingers, and onto my screen.

So let me start off by saying that I started off strong. I read 19 books in total! I know I could hardly believe it either but I was trying to devour books as if they were the oxygen that helped me push through every day. I also wanted to read lighter with with some graphic novels as well. I miss them, so I was on the hunt for them on the library. That being said, some tough stuff happened, work wise towards the tail end of January. I will post more once I feel it is safe to do so, but with everything being so fresh, I feel it is best to stay quiet for now.

That being said winter is also always a hard season for me aside from Christmas. My body is very susceptible to the cold, so when it affects me physically it affects me mentally. I have still been reading in February, don’t get me wrong, I’ve read 6 in comparison so far (here is a link to my GR Reading Challenge to see).

At this point if I were to five up reading I could sink too deep into myself. The last few reads in a row though, I don’t feel myself absorbing or even getting attached. There is no couple I can cheer for, no one I can even grow to dislike. I am just feeling apathetic about it. At this point I don’t even trust my ratings.

Now am I in a slump because I read so much last month and 2 even making it to being my favorites? Is my brain making me have that degree of separation from that think that used to keep me in a somewhat happy mood. Another fun fact of when I feel like this, my brain is like let’s read ALL the books in EVERY format at once! Don’t worry I haven’t attempted it, but I did browse through the library and checked out a bunch at once. At this point I can’t puzzle it out, but trying to be patient and understanding with myself.

Anyone feeling the same? If so what are you doing to cope? Any tips? Please let me know in the comments below. Please also stay (especially those in TX my thoughts are with you all), and as always Happy Reading!

Book Talk: Are Book Groups Worth It?

Hey Bookworms, sorry if you are hearing too much from me this week, but I’ve had a lot of topics I have been wanting to talk about lately. So I hope this brain dump/ vent isn’t too much of a hassle to read.

As you all know we have been in a pandemic, so I have been trying to find other ways to be social especially when it comes to books, but recently. I’ve had a bit of a negative experience. Let me start off by saying this is a Facebook group for women, that I decided to join, as female friendship has been something I have missed the most as much as I adore my boyfriend there are things I miss having a girl to talk to, and he doesn’t read much.

Now, before this, I’ve been enjoying the group commenting on group on what others are reading offering opinions, and sharing what I am currently reading. I don’t spend a lot of time on the group admittedly, except for what pops up on my feed. Now a new member had proudly posted how many books she read last month and was curious to know how many others in the group have read? This reader had posted she had read somewhere in the 30’s, so I happily go to post I read 19 (at that point so far), and boy did I get caught up in the comments.

Some were mild saying they didn’t like seeing the numbers as it made them feel pressured or anxious, both valid feelings, but in my opinion, not exactly nice to guilt a new member with making others feel bad. The worst comment though on this poor reader was “she must not have a job or know how to adult correctly, or only be reading audio books” that comment was too far. I was completely aghast. I was so angry, I was shaking. Now, the original poster did respond that she is currently, working, and explained how she managed her reading.

What made me upset about this though is that the job comment was made in this climate of the world. We are in a global pandemic, in which many have been laid off, some have been forced to stop working due to medical implications or living with ones at risk and needing to quarantine to keep loved ones safe, their jobs that they felt would always be needed may have ended there is a never ending list. It is disgusting to read this ablest, bullsh*t.

Now, with my disability, I am contributing as best as I can to the working world. Although I know many can’t work in the typical way, or do a “9-5”, and I can face facts that this may not be something I can always do in society’s norms. It broke my heart that someone who did not know this person’s situation or life to make assumption.

The next part of the comment that bothered me is the “adulting” assumption. The fact that the typical assumption, is having children, living on your own, etc. This is also something many people cannot do or choose not to do. Some with disabilities, cannot safely live on their own, people in general may choose not to have kids or can’t have them. There is no way to determine the normal way to adult. For me it is living with my parents, paying them rent, saving up a future with my LDR partner, taking care of 2 adorable fur babies, trying to get my creativity as well as my self back, and figuring out what I want to do for a day job while maintaining my own mental and when I can physical health. Now don’t get wrong, I do get jealous at times of social medias images of adulting or seeing where others are in their journey, but my journey is only for me to decide.

Last but not least, “she must be only reading audio books”. If you have been following me for the last 2 years at minimum, you will know that audio books are my primary form of reading lately. Reading Audio Books IS READING. YOU are still taking in the story, analyzing, getting lost in words and worlds. E-books are books, even if you can’t get the new book smell. It helps making carrying all the books that your back or shoulders may not easily be able to accommodate. Paper and hard backs are reading which is the most classic way where you can get lost in the sound of pages turning, the smell of ink, and an excuse to wander book store isles.

Why in this day and age are we being judged by how we are choosing to read. We should be praising and encouraging each other for reading no matter how we choose to do it or how we find the time to read. It can be our greatest way of coping, facing, and escaping the hardships of the real world. Reading can save a child from hardships of getting away from abuse, can give teens an escape from the bullying they may face for 6-8 hours a day, it can give EVERYONE company in the current isolation in the world as we try to keep each other safe.

I don’t know if this post even makes sense, but I needed to put words to the screen. I am hoping this experience was a once off. As bookworms can tend to be those who may have been picked on at some point in their lives, bullying in a book group was something I least expected. Does anyone have a group they can recommend instead, or how to deal with people like this? Has anyone had or seen similar experiences? Please let me know in the comments below, this is something I dearly NEED to have a conversation about. Anywho, as always Happy Reading Bookworms, please stay safe both mentally and physically.